We're a team of designers.

We're always designing. We test, we learn, and we always strive to be better. Most of all, we care. We're humans designing for humans. We listen to others and each other through empathy and transparency.

Samira Daswani

Stanford, MIT, Wellesley

Katie Neville

Stanford, University of Illinois

Cindy Zhang

Stanford, Columbia University

Andrea Shulman


Shaily Parikh

Machine Learning Engineer
Univ. of Southern California

Qiwen Wang

Mobile App Engineer
Stanford University

Our Advisors

We can't do this alone. Our advisors are our mentors, our guides and our advocates.

David Kelley

Founder, IDEO and Stanford d.school

Arnold Milstein

Founder & Director, Stanford Clinical Excellence Research Center

Christy Sandborg

Chief Experience Officer, LPCH
Ex-officio member of the Board of Directors

Amanda Sammann

SF General Trauma Surgeon
Co-Founder & Executive Director, The Better Lab, UCSF

Dean Hovey

Hovey LLC, Comprendo, Plantronics